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Articles - July 6, 2019

Vertigo Games’ After the Fall is VR Survival Horror Like You’ve Always Wanted

Widely considered one of the best survival horror games on VR, Arizona Sunshine makes best-of lists. As you can imagine, this gives gamers a lot of confidence in the developers, Vertigo Games, and makes pretty much anything that company announces a hot item. Meet After the Fall, a fusion of 1980’s themes and post-apocalyptic gameplay mechanics all in VR.

After the Fall is anything if not ambitious. It aims to be a full-fledged cooperative first-person shooter experience in VR. That said, CNet does distinguish what After the Fall is going to offer from what a massively multiplayer online game has and the main difference is that After the Fall will be a big online game, but not an MMO with tons of players simultaneously.

A press release for the game describes the basic premise, saying it is “set in the post-apocalyptic, ice-covered ruins of an alternate 1980s Los Angeles, After the Fall pits up to four players against a vast, hostile world in a raging fight for control of the city and the survival of humanity. Go solo or join forces with players worldwide as you scavenge the remains of civilization, face relentless hordes and larger-than-life bosses, craft a huge range of guns and deadly close combat weapons, and wield devastating powers with real-life movements.”

Reports describe the game as pretty much continuing in the line of Vertigo Games’ previous release Arizona Sunshine. We can expect what CNet describes as similar “John Carpenter-esque” themes. For those of you that are not horror film aficionados, John Carpenter is a pretty big deal and is most often noted for his distinctive style and approach to somewhat traditional horror subjects.

If all of that sounds like your kind of thing, you can sign up for a beta test online now.

You can do that at this link: http://afterthefall-vr.com/

Vertigo Games studio director Richard Stitselaar said of the game, “Arizona Sunshine was one of the first full-feature games developed exclusively for VR. Ever since, we’ve been eager to take it up a few notches and push hard at the boundaries of VR again. With After the Fall, we’re bringing VR to life at a scale we believe hasn’t been done before – a seamless multiplayer experience shared with as many players as possible set in a dynamic world that will keep them coming back for more.”

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