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Articles - June 16, 2019

Top 5 Best Horror VR Games

Virtual reality and horror is a match made in heaven – or hell depending on your perspective.

We can’t think of a genre more primed to take advantage of the immersive aspects of VR than horror, but that also makes it tough to pick just 5 games to put on a list.

What we have seen so far in terms of horror on VR headsets is pretty darn impressive. No matter what kind of scare you like, there’s something for you.

In this article, we’ve got five top horror games for VR that you can play right now.

This list is basically an overview of what’s good out there and should offer something for everyone. So, if you’re ready to try out a horror game on VR, read on:


Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul

This game is a traditional horror ghost story told in VR. If exploring creepy areas and jump scares are your thing, this game is for you. In terms of overall feel and presentation, if you are familiar with the Silent Hills PT tech demo then you know the basic style at work here. It has that level of creepiness but not quite Konami’s elegance, if you catch our drift. Still, this is a must-play game for horror fans on VR.


Resident Evil 7 VR

Resident Evil and horror haven’t been synonymous over the past several installments, but that all changed with the return to form that is Resident Evil 7. This more intense, first-person perspective Resident Evil game was not only the perfect candidate for a VR title but also an intense, immersive one at that. If you haven’t played the console version of RE 7, then the VR game might be a better title for you if you love virtual reality games. It isn’t the exact same experience, but it is triple-A enough to have you wanting more.


Don’t Knock Twice

Witchcraft, dark mysteries, and hidden lore are just a few of the themes of Don’t Knock Twice, a VR game that captures the spirit of a Hollywood film and an engrossing novel at the same time. Truly atmospheric and heavy, Don’t Knock Twice is not for the faint of heart and we wouldn’t recommend it if atmosphere and tension aren’t your thing.


The Brookhaven Experiment

Another VR title that relies upon horror and atmosphere, the Brookhaven Experiment feels like an HP Lovecraft novel come to life but it also has hints of Silent Hill at the same time. It’s an experience, but probably not one for everybody. If you like truly wicked horror, then The Brookhaven Experiment is a must-play game.


Rise of Insanity

At number one, Rise of Insanity is not that much different from Don’t Knock Twice or The Brookhaven Experiment, but its psychological elements put it over the top as a title you must play. If psychological horror or medical facilities scare you, then Rise of Insanity is the VR title you need to experience.

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