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Articles - April 27, 2019

Sony Files Patent for Massive, Live VR Events

Hot on the heels of the release of the PlayStation 5’s specs, we have another filing from Sony but this one is focused on massive, live virtual reality events.

Think eSports and traditional sports as well as live movies and shows.

If you’ll recall sometime back we told you about the technology a lot of entertainment firms like Turner are looking into to bring a more dynamic experience to users in the future.

A lot of these ideas use virtual reality and it looks like Sony has been paying attention.

Because the PS5 might make use of a similar technology according to some paperwork from Sony.

Tweaktown describes the technology better than most, saying that it is “essentially act as both as a virtual ticket and a viewscreen that emulates VRChat levels of interactivity while also maintaining gaming features like a HUD. Sony could combine both spectatorship and gaming into one immersive online experience.”

The only drawback to all of this is that, as Tweaktown reports, Sony’s filing describes a massive, auditorium style audience, not a headset unit for a home console.

Still, there is little reason to think that Sony’s ambitions don’t extend to bringing immersive entertainment into your home via the next-gen PSVR unit.

This patent filing really seems directed at eSports with features such as viewing things from a particular player’s perspective and branding like “PlayStation Plus League.”

There is some speculation that, because of the PS Plus branding on it, it could be tied to the subscription service and it might be some kind of value-add for it.

It might also be some kind of community option to bring crowds of PlayStation VR players together in one gigantic game.

If you look at this as a value add in the entertainment arena for PSVR it all makes a lot of sense. Not only is Sony under intense pressure to distinguish itself from any competition from Microsoft but also it wants to retain its dominant position in VR.

The PS5 might be a truly unique, comprehensive entertainment option when it debuts and that might compel enough people to pick it up that otherwise would not.

And, just in case you missed those specs, TechRadar reports that the PS5 will be, “A bespoke 8-core AMD chipset based on third generation Ryzen architecture, with a GPU taking the best bits of the Radeon Navi GPU family; a built-for-purpose SSD storage system; 3D audio; backwards compatibility with PS4 games and PSVR hardware; 8K TV support.”

If that doesn’t have you excited as a Sony fan, we don’t know what else will; for the rest of us, it looks like the PS4 library’s strengths will be carried right on over to the PS5 so there’s no use in picking a console up now.

There’s no definite word on what the VR is going to be like exactly but there are rumors of a wireless experience, among other things. We’ll update you as we get information on that in the future.

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