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Articles - December 17, 2019

Reviewers Love Asgard’s Wrath – Many Hailing It Most Ambitious VR Game Ever

There’s little doubt that games like Skyrim are popular for a reason. From their simulating of medieval fantasy to their fun and addictive exploration and combat, games in this genre are some of the first that comes to mind when people think of the best “open-world” titles out there. While Skyrim came to VR in a form, it wasn’t exactly the most robust experience.

It was, however, enough of a taste of what could be and that was enough for the devs behind Asgard’s Wrath who have basically done what many of us wanted then and made an immersive, high-quality medieval fantasy that might be the best game ever made for VR.

Clocking in at 25 hours in length, Asgard’s Wrath is not some short experience or a quick flash in the pan but rather a sustained and in-depth game that merits your attention.

The setup, for one, is both genius and unique. You are the latest god in the Norse pantheon and, as it so happens, you are being tutored by none other than eternal trickster Loki.

Billed as the “God of Animals,” you have to seal your new seat with blood and combat and here Asgard’s Wrath places you into the shoes of different combat classes and lets you play short campaigns as each with varied mechanics accompanying every scenario.

Yet it isn’t just Skyrim that Asgard’s Wrath owes some debt to but also God of War’s Norse-themed reboot.

There are a boomerang axe and some combat scenarios that seem right at home in that game. One thing that Asgard’s Wrath does really well (and, in many ways, a lot better than those two games) is in its variety of enemies and environments. Sanzaru did not cut corners when it comes to presentation and Asgard’s Wrath is absolutely brimming with a quality of presentation that is just one among many examples of how VR is truly coming of age.

But first-person combat isn’t the only mechanic you have to deal with in this game. As a god, you can also zoom out to an omniscient view and interact with objects on the ground in order to help your mortal in their quest.

This includes removing barriers and other things. Further, as the god of animals, you have 10 different animals that you can switch to at any time to help you solve puzzles and uncover elements in the stage as well. These animals have their own leveling systems and abilities.

Common to any game in the fantasy setting, you can craft items and armor out of loot you find from felling enemies. Basically, Asgard’s Wrath is layers of systems and narrative – all in a VR game.

It will leave you wanting more at the end and it definitely needs a sequel. Like we said at the beginning of this article, if you are a fan of this type of game, you owe it to yourself to check it out.


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