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May 16, 2017


Impulse Gear


Sony Interactive Entertainment

Farpoint is one of the first Playstation VR games and is a phenomenal space adventure shooter set on an alien planet. Play this one with the Aim Controller, you won't regret it!

Most VR games tend to feel like a tech demo, but Farpoint is one of the first VR titles that actually feels like a fully fledged game. This is an FPS title, which means most of your VR experience here will be spent shooting at thousands of enemies, as you potentially try to eliminate them as fast as possible.
The thing to keep in mind here is that you will immediately feel some VR limitations. The enemies will mostly come at you from the front. On top of that, the game design is a bit repetitive and mediocre, but then again it had to be like that so it won’t make the hardware work way too much.

The camera will detect you or the controller and it’s a very good experience as well. The thing to keep in mind here is that you can move from one place to the other in the world. That’s actually a very good thing for people that love an FPS, just because there are lots of amazing and exciting moments for you to check out.

But Farpoint does a good job at involving you in a story where you have to save a region from enemy attackers. The combat is great as a whole and the gunplay feels good. But the enemy AI is not that impressive, in fact, they do end up attacking from one place to the next without feeling fully cohesive at all times.

That being said, your controls are slick for most of the experience and you do have multiple control options, including the ability to use the analog stick to go left and right. You can play co-op missions, which for a lot of people will be the bread and butter of the game.

Controlling the gun was very realistic for us, and the fact that you have a shield and lots of unique weapon attacks is fun. It felt very satisfying to shoot left and right. However the interface is not the best, so you do need to make some concessions in that perspective. There were also a few bugs that prevented us to go forward a few times. And instead of going forward, we actually went to the previous checkpoint. So yes, if that happens it can be frustrating and hard to catch up especially if you are in coop mode.

While the Farpoint story is not extraordinary and there are plenty of bugs, the reality is that the game is still a fun to play. It’s more than just a proof of concept and it also comes with a massive game world. It’s clear that a lot of hard work went into this and everything is exactly as it should be. Could it be a bit better? Of course, there are tons of games that could be improved. But Farpoint is very good, it’s fun to enjoy and it does bring in front lots of unique moments!

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Care Bear
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This game is amazing! I absolutely loved every minute of it. Far Point is possible one of the best VR games out and it is a ton of fun.

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  • Solid Gameplay
  • Aim Controller Excellent
  • Fun
  • Challenging Co-Op


  • Short Duration