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Videos - September 19, 2021

Recommendations for great combat that’s not like the usual physics melee type vibe?

Hey fellas

I’ve been contemplating of researching thriving, unforeseen VR overcome video games that **won’t slide into 1 of the currently perfectly identified categories:**

1. Melee game titles that depends on 1-on-1 battle like Gorn, Blade & Sorcery, etcetera
2. Shooty video games that are about aiming at swarms with distinctive variations of projectiles (Space Pirate Coach, any taking pictures-centric game titles)
3. Multiplayer shooters that is about aiming at other human gamers with a variety of variations of projectiles.

Sairento kinda falls into this “unanticipated overcome” vibe.

I was hoping to come across some overcome games that are about fighting armies with a variety of talents, kinda like the [Musou](https://youtu.be/9AHfM3ITgh8?t=60) [series](https://youtu.be/TU3YDCnWmRE?t=20). Some combat that was not about precision and aiming, or funky physics form vibes.

Any occur to brain?

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