PlayStation VR Virtual Reality System

The PlayStation VR Virtual Reality system is now available!

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PlayStation Virtual Reality Headset

The gaming experience for PS4 has just increased by 100x! All thanks to the high-end PlayStation Virtual Reality (PSVR) system. The PSVR, which was initially codenamed Project Morpheus, is a virtual reality headset designed to give the PS players an enhanced gaming player by producing life-like simulations. The VR headset has been developed by Sony interactive entertainment and was rolled out to the public in October 2016.

The virtual reality headset has been designed to be fully compatible with the PlayStation 4. The PSVR system is capable of outputting the display both at the virtual reality headset as well as the television simultaneously. The VR headset features a unique 5.7-inch OLED panel and has a display resolution of 1080p. Coupled wit.h a 3.5mm headphone jack, the VR uses a processor box allowing the social screen video display to the television, in addition to processing the 3-D audio effect.

Difference between Sony PlayStation VR and other VR headsets

Unlike other expensive virtual reality headsets such as Oculus Rift, Sony PlayStation VR gives you the first-class gaming experience in virtual reality at an incredibly affordable price. The economic viability is an important factor resulting in the global acceptance of the Sony PlayStation VR headset. SO check itt out if you need an affordable but powerful VR headset.

While Oculus rift requires setting up highly sophisticated, and of course costly, PC setups; no such ‘requirement’ is necessary for Sony PlayStation VR.  This makes it the only VR headset that is easy to set up and does not cause any annoyance among gamers when they are eager to play.

Set up cost is way lower than the Oculus Rift since you don’t need an expensive gaming computer to play. However, when it comes to performance, it is one of the top VR headsets on the market.

Initial launch and equipment

At its launch, Sony VR headset had a rather confusing set up for sales to the users. In certain instances, the VR headset was sold separately even though the package already allowed the existing peripheral devices to be reused such as camera and move controller. This was despite the fact that the other components were equally important parts of the setup. It meant that if you were buying the set for the first time with no previous ownership of the PlayStation camera or move controller, the launch day bundle would be perfect for you. However, after more than one year of the initial launch, there have been improvements in the bundles.


As the latest member of the PlayStation 4 family, the PSVR allows you to connect your already owned console to the headset and move away from the reality into the magnificent world of virtual reality! VR games are the present, and for foreseeable days, and the future of the gaming. Instead of just sitting around the TV with a remote controller in your hand, the VR headset gaming experience, whether you believe or not, actually enables you to get ‘inside’ the game and play it as if everything around you is happening for real! A complete disconnect from the reality and a whole new exposure to another ‘dimension’ are what make the VR gaming experience the best so far.

Now Sony PlayStation VR headset comes with a lot of unique and distinguishing features. All of these characteristics combine to give the VR gaming the taste and touch of reality.

5.7-inches of OLED display

Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) is the latest screen display technology, best known for producing life-like results. With a custom OLED display capable of displaying the results at 120 fps, the player can feel the 3D environments come to life, boosting the VR gaming experience to a level previously unimaginable! The prototype which was introduced earlier demonstrated an OLED displaying 1920 x 1980 pixels display. So if you need real experiences in the game, you better get this VR headset.

Best FPS

Sony PlayStation virtual reality headset has the best frames per second (fps) outcome compared to all other VR headsets that are available in the market. With an incredible 120 fps, Sony PlayStation VR ensures highly smooth, and clear visuals that combine with incredibly low latency to take you to an immersive world of gaming!

3D audio effect

The VR headset allows you to experience the latest dimension in sound with a clear-cut 3D audio, letting you measure the distances, and directions with maximum accuracy. The great feature about the 3D audio effect is that it enables you to hear, and judge the sounds coming from all directions, above, below, and from around your surroundings.

360 Degree vision

This feature enhances the real-life experience of the gaming as it shows a clear, smooth, and living vision of the world around you. With a seamless field of view, you can feel a breathing world around you in the 360-degree vision display. The rotation is fully circular from all angels and shows the clear version of the reality as if the player is inside the game itself.

Integrated Mic

The built-in mic inside the Sony PlayStation virtual reality headset makes it convenient for the player to chat with their friends online. Additionally, the integration of mic into the virtual reality headset for PlayStation strengthens the players’ immersion in the world of virtual reality.

Share the gaming experience

The PSVR allow you to let people around you know what world you are into. This can be done by projecting your PSVR screen directly to your television. The ‘mirror mode’ in the PSVR enables you to give your friends and family a window into the virtual world that you are experiencing. Doing so is a very simple process. All you have to do is to connect your PSVR to your TV, and the projection will commence.

Not only does this option enable you to showcase your virtual world to the television screen, but it also makes it possible for your friends to join in the game with you if they want to! Albeit they will be playing the game in a separate mode, displaying a different view of the action as a second player. The PlayStation virtual reality headset is supportive of other features such as Live from PS, and share play, and these features are also workable within the headset.

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Virtual Reality Games

Obviously for PSVR to work, you will need VR games! Thankfully, there’s a solution available. According to a statement issued by the Sony, there are over 200 developers that are working on content for PSVR. Up till now, more than 50 titles and VR games available in the market. All of these games are specifically designed to suit the PSVR.

In another good news, you can still play non-PSVR games on the PSVR-enabled system! Currently, existing non-PSVR games can be played on the plays station virtual reality headset through the ‘cinematic mode’. This mode basically transforms the content on a projection screen into a 3D space. The cinematic mode gives you three size options up to 226-inches.

Different perspective

The PS virtual reality headset is capable of sending different ‘perspectives’ to the headset and the television and can also share them with other people around. According to the president of Sony interactive entertainment worldwide studios, this capability allowed the virtual reality headset to serve like a ‘social experience’.

Different Models

One year after the first release of the PlayStation VR headset, Sony released a fresh version of the PSVR called CUH-ZVR2. This version incorporated minor changes as compared to its predecessor. The later version, for example, had slimmer, and more streamlined connectivity cable with myriad connectors. This version also had stereo headphones integrated into it. But the most important of these changes was the inclusion of a new processor unit that supported the HDR-based video pass through.

Public reviews and opinions

Soon after its initial release, the PlayStation virtual reality headset had sold over 920,000 units worldwide. And soon after by the end of December 2017, the sales had crossed two million. This massive popularity in such a short time bears witness to the highly positive public opinion about the PSVR headset.

The critics especially lauded the PSVR’s physical outlook, its easy usability, and the availability. The PSVR has also received praise for its matchless functionality with a simple PS4 set up unlike other VR headsets requiring the installation of heavy computer equipment.


Due to its user-friendly, and enthralling virtual reality experience, the PSVR headset is the most recommended virtual reality headset unlike any other virtual reality system. It not only provides out of the world experience but has a lot of practicality to it especially to its design and feature. If you are wondering which VR headset you should get, the PSVE might be the best choice.