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Articles - August 13, 2019

Open World VR Game Inspired by Sword Art Online Coming Later This Year

Are you a big fan of open-world games and anime/manga series Sword Art Online? Then Nostos might be the game you want to add to your wishlist this fall because it promises to combine the look and feel of that series along with an open-world VR game using an art style that looks like an animated show.

Nostos is expected to be one of the biggest titles this year for HTC’s Viveport and the game is being pushed pretty hard because of that. The press describing the game reads, “Nostos, an open-world role-playing game (RPG) from the Chinese tech giant, NetEase, is going to launch on VIVEPORT in Q4 2019. It will have a massive world that allows multiple players to explore, fight, and build in an abundance of biomes, from open grasslands to mysterious coral seas.”

Even though they’re resisting the description, a lot of people are labeling it as a VR MMORPG. Whether or not it is going to be that extensive remains to be seen but it is cool to imagine a game as immersive and consuming as a MMORPG coming to virtual reality. It will be interesting to see how the combat and gameplay structure is handled in this game.

So far only Orbus VR occupies that space but it could be joined soon by Nostos and another title on the horizon from another publisher called Zenith.

The art style alone, though, could be a huge deal for VR as it promises to be absolutely gorgeous. If it has gameplay to match, this game could be one to watch.

What do you think? Does Nostos sound like something you’d like to play? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.👇

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