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VR Gaming System

Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer-generated simulation of the 3D environment and image that can be interacted with a physical or real way by the player using the special electronic device like headset equipped with a screen or sensors-fitted gloves. The engaging environment can be similar to the real world, or it may be fantasy, providing an experience that isn’t possible in physical reality. AR (Augmented Reality) system is also considered a form of Virtual Reality that takes virtual information using the device’s camera, feeds into a headset to offer the ability to the player to view 3D images.

Nowadays, VR technology commonly uses VR Headsets or projected environments. Sometimes it mixes with physical environments to generate the realistic image of the object, sounds, and other sensations that simulate the physical presence of the player in the imaginary world. The player using the VR headset can look around the artificial world, move in it and interact with items and objects.

PlayStation VR Overview

PlayStation VR, during the developed called Project Morpheus, is a VR Headset created by Sony Computer Entertainment and released in 2016. The headset was designed to be fully functional with the PS4 (PlayStation 4) home video game console. In specific video games and demos for the Virtual Reality, the player is equipped with a headset serves separately from other players without the headset. The headset can output the image to both the TV and the PlayStation VR simultaneously, with the TV either mirroring the image shown on the headset or showing the separate picture for co-op or competitive gameplay. The headset works with either the PlayStation Move controllers or the Standard DualShock 4 controller. The head has a 5.7-inch OLED panel with the display resolution of 1080p. PlayStation VR is equipped with a processor box in the headset which allows the social screen video out to the TV as well as process the 3D Audio effect. More than two million units have sold.

Oculus Rift Overview

Oculus Rift is a VR Headset manufactured and developed by Oculus VR, released on March 28, 2016. The headset has two Pentile OLED displays with 1080×1200 resolution per eye of the player, a 90 Hz rate and 110-degree field of view. The device introduces rotational and positional tracking system and comes with integrated headphones, providing the player with a 3D Audio Effect. It offers an intelligent design which is light, comfortable and adaptable. When the player is in Virtual Reality, the headset goes away, and the player can go anywhere he desires. It offers the intuitive control, in which summon fireballs in mage duels or sculpt the artistic vision of the player and it touch brings the magic of the player hands presence to the life of Virtual Reality.

PlayStation VR vs Oculus Rift Comparison

While Oculus is one of the largest brands in the world of Virtual Reality, there is a dozen competition nowadays, and the PlayStation VR of Sony has sold a ton of units since its release and comes with an exciting offer for those players, who are looking for the best headset to enjoy Virtual Reality from their couch. How does Sony’s PSVR stand up against the Oculus Rift?

The function of the Oculus and PlayStation VR are the same on a high level. It is a display that players wear on their head, with colourful light emitted from the display picked up by the camera in front of players. The camera features to track the movement of the player’s head by monitoring how the lights coming from the headset, and the display inside the headset. As players look around, they can discover a 360-degree world through a part of lenses that looks like a real world.

There are a couple of details that make the difference when comparing the design of these two headsets. For the beginners, Oculus Rift uses the infrared light from the headset, instead of blue, glowing light strips used in PlayStation VR by Sony. It means Oculus Rift will definitely work better in the room full of lights or direct sunlight, while in another hand, PlayStation VR provides the player with plenty of warning to be careful with using the headset in bright rooms and needs recalibration when the room’s lights change dramatically. The way players attach the VR headset to their head, especially when it comes to overall comfort. Oculus Rift uses an elastic rail so players can pull the headset onto their head and safely fasten the display to their face with the Velcro’s help. Once the player adjusted the headset, it will not move around as the player dive and jump in Virtual Reality.

PlayStation VR is different, and it has a display that doesn’t touch the face of the player. A halo-like band wrap around the headset’s back and offers an anchor that feels light compared to Oculus, and it doesn’t interfere with glasses. PSVR has no VR Face, from having the headset pressed against the skin of the player and he can move around the environment as much without any tension about the headset sliding or slip around. So, PlayStation VR is one of the most comfortable VR headsets that the player can purchase and wear today to start the fantastic journey in the world of Virtual Reality.

Category Oculus Rift PlayStation VR
Display 3.54 inches 5.7 inches
Resolution 2160×1200 1920×1080
Field of View 110 Degree 100 Degree
Dimensions 171×102 mm 187x185x277 mm
Input Xbox Controller PlayStation Move
Weight 470g 610g

Oculus Rift vs PlayStation VR: Games

The PlayStation VR has a huge collection of impressive video games, in which players can shoot up gangsters in the virtual environment, flying through fearsome space environment and diving with bloody sharks in the sea. The dozens of game, ranging from Until Dawn: Rush of Blood to Rigs to EVE: Valkyrie. Another title amazing title, Resident Evil 7, in which the player is capable of starting and finishing the game in terrifying Virtual Reality on the PlayStation 4. Driveclub and Playroom are two prominent PS4VR video games.

From horror to shoot ‘em ups, there are best Oculus Rift Games such as Lone Echo, Wilson’s Heart, Superhot VR, Job Simulator: The 2050 Archives, The Unspoken, Star Trek: Bridge Crew, etc. Skyrim VR, Start Trek: Bridge Crew, Doom VR, Shooty Fruit, Superhot VR, Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality, Wipeout Omega Collection, etc. are prominent VR games for PlayStation 4 VR.

Both headsets have a brilliant collection of VR content, from Star Trek: Bridge Crew (the best example of Virtual Reality multiplayer gaming yet).

Oculus Rift vs PlayStation VR: Price

The regular prices $598 for the Oculus Rift with Touch Controllers, additionally it comes with a set of free video games and an Xbox One Controller. Oculus Rift has been shipping for a while, and you can get the whole package for $399. You need to pay for more sensors if you are looking for to make use of full room-scale monitoring on the Oculus Rift.

PlayStation VR is on the sale, and you can get it at the accessible price of $399. You may find a launch bundle which will get you the PlayStation Camera, Two Move Controllers, and the Headset along with PS4VR Worlds and Playroom VR download.

PlayStation VR is much cheaper than Oculus VR and even less expensive than the HTC Vive. Both headsets are impressive for a variety of excellent reasons.

The Oculus Rift is a victory for every tech head, and it isn’t the step towards the future, it is a long jump because of amazing features, reliable design, comfortable grip, and its unique look.

PlayStation VR is the best VR (Virtual Reality) head you can purchase right now with a reasonable price. It is cheap while not compromising on quality and performance. The headset of PlayStation VR is simple, incredible and stunningly comfortable to war, and comes with some video games to experience the best VR you’ve ever played.

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This site uses advertising as a source of revenue
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