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Articles - June 1, 2019

Oculus Quest VR Receiving Universally Rave Reviews, Heralded As Giant Leap for Virtual Reality Gaming

The hype surrounding the Oculus Quest VR headset seems to be paying off for the company because the reviews are rolling in and they’re pretty much universally positive.

Heck, some people are saying that it is the future of virtual reality…well, at least until they have to write their next column about whatever.

Still, the Oculus Quest VR is an impressive piece of kit and is receiving good press for good reasons.

The Oculus Quest will be making its way to retailers starting May 21 and it should trounce the competition on day one if reports are to be believed.

It isn’t because it is ultra powerful, like the reported headset from Valve is supposed to be, or because of the novelty of being portable but instead because of its design.

The Oculus Quest’s design makes portable VR gaming possible in terms of comfort, access, battery life, and general ease of use.

As Mashable says, “You don’t need sensor stations or an external PC. There’s a smartphone app that handles day one setup, casting, and store purchases (there’s also an in-headset store), but that’s it. All of the heavy lifting is handled by the Quest; you just put on the headset, spend a minute or so setting up your play area, and you’re off.”

In terms of graphical fidelity and immersion, the Oculus Quest also knocks it out of the park, apparently.

But it is the plug-and-play access that Oculus Quest has going for it that others don’t.

It is described in terms of hooking up a console to a television set or turning on a gaming laptop.

Anyone who has used VR headsets that require a PC accompaniment, this, by itself, is a huge game changer for all of us.

It isn’t unexpected, though, as the competition the Quest has on the horizon will be adopting a similar, perhaps superior approach.

For now, at least, it looks like the Oculus Quest offers the superior all-in-one headset and could be the thing that brings a lot of new players into VR now that the requirement for expensive hardware is removed.

Coming in at $400, that’s a considerable savings over even the most modest gaming rig or manufacturer PC and don’t even get us started on gaming laptops.

Whether or not Oculus Quest is able to convey its unique attributes in marketing is another thing entirely. People who own powerful PCs have a lot of other options out there, and people who don’t have that might be confused as to what – exactly – the $400 Quest does for them. Because, let’s not mince words, $400 is way more than most game consoles and still doesn’t get you the high-end PC gaming you might want.

As far as being a game changer for being the first all-in-one for the average consumer, though, Oculus Quest cannot be understated in its importance for the market as a whole.


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