Oculus Quest Gets Port of Echo Arena

Oculus Quest snags another big name game according to Upload VR.

One of the biggest multiplayer games on VR is coming to Oculus Quest and it couldn’t come a moment too soon.

News that Echo Arena was coming to the new VR headset was probably some of the biggest news for fans of Ready at Dawn’s work in a while. And, outside of an announcement of something new, we can’t think of anything better right now.

The whole thing was revealed during UploadVR’s E3 2019 press conference by Ready at Dawn’s CEO ‎Ru Weerasuriya. This port is in addition to the company’s prepping of Lone Echo 2 for the Oculus Rift line.

“You’ll be able to reprise your role as Jack in this story…Lone Echo II really reinforces this idea that you and Liv are like family and that you and her basically will go through anything against all odds,” the CEO said of the game.

Easily one of the biggest series on VR, the Lone Echo and Echo Arena games are often some of the first the industry turns to when showing off the gaming potential of a VR headset.


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