Oculus GO Virtual Reality System


The Oculus GO VR Standalone Virtual Reality system is now available!

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Oculus GO Virtual Reality Headset

With many VR headsets flooding the markets with experiments where users get to find out what is fun or what is cool, Oculus stands out. The headset was built to give its users a smooth experiment from the moment you open the box. It is a capable, portable and the easiest VR system that has ever been released.

The amazing part is, it just goes for as little as $200. There is no required cable or external hardware. This is the type of a VR headset you take along with you on the airplane or even for your kids in the car for a road trip. It is a new era of greater entertainment right from the game console with thousands of titles to high definition television you can take anywhere with you.

The company, Oculus VR is an American company of technology which was founded by Palmer Luckey, Michael Antonov, Nate Mitchell and Brendan Iribe in California, July 2012. The company specializes in Virtual Reality software and hardware products.

Luckey announced the Oculus Rift in April 2012; this is a virtual reality headset which was designed for video gaming and later launched a campaign in August to kickstart the availability of VR headsets to developers. The campaign was successful, and a total of $2.4 million was raised.

Oculus announced the ‘Oculus Go’ a stand-alone VR Headset on October 11, 2017. On May 1st, 2018, the headset was later released without any prior announcement during Facebook’s F8 conference. Oculus Go was developed with a partnership with Xiaomi, the largest smartphone maker in China and Qualcomm, Us mobile SoC designer. The system comes with a stand-alone headset which has 3 degrees if controller and freedom are tracking.

Get a Oculus GO Standalone VR Virtual Reality system today!

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What is the Oculus Go?

The Oculus Go is simply a VR headset which was built for everyone and is the third headset to be produced by the company. It is in between the phone-powered headset but not as capable as the Oculus Rift. It is a stand-alone headset which means it doesn’t require a connection with anything.

The system comes with either of these two storage configurations-a 32GB for internals storage which goes for USD 199 or a 64GB of internal storage which costs USD 249. Instead of headphones, it comes with audio speakers which are contained in the head strap.  It is a stand0alone system. Therefore it comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The system is built with a plastic body around the outside and contains a foam pad which is easy to remove around the eye sockets to make the sizing and cleaning easy. The box comes with guides to replace the padding in situations where the lenses don’t fit right.

What are the specs?

The headset is designed around the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 SoC. It is similar to the Samsung VR, but it has been proven to achieve a higher performance with more sustained characteristics to get rid of the overheating problem that comes with the Gear VR devices.

The system also uses a single 2,560 x 1,440 with a ‘fast-switch LCD’ instead of the OLED panels in the Rift and the Samsung VR. The Oculus GO has what the company has described as ‘the next generation’ Fresnel lenses which are reported to be capable of reducing the glare. The partnership with Qualcomm helps to improve on further performances.

Though not obvious, the Go’s head strap contains hidden speakers and a 3.5mm headphone jack to provide a private and a more quality sound

The controller consists of a trackpad, a single trigger, a back and a menu button. This is similar to the Gear VR controller but more user-friendly. Also, the Go’s lenses and facepad are removable for proper cleaning.

The Prices and Release date

As announced on the official site, the price begins at $199 and was released in early 2018. The launch date coincided with Facebook’s F8 conference which was on May 1, 2018.

Finally, the Go system is similar to the Samsung’s Gear VR in many ways but comes with designs that offer lots in terms of comfort, performance, and convenience. All these prove that the GO will offer the best experience in VR for all its users.