No Xbox VR at E3 2019, Does It Matter?

Microsoft revealed a lot of impressive stuff about the next-gen Xbox but one massive thing was missing for those of us that love VR and it isn’t hard to guess what that is. There wasn’t even a hint of a virtual reality strategy during the Xbox E3 presentation and that has everyone asking whether or not this matters.

Of course, for those of us that are fans of VR, we think it matters a lot. But not even some analysts are starting to agree with that assessment, albeit from the standpoint of the need to expand business and keep up with Sony as competition. Some people think that VR gaming is the future of the industry, and even those that don’t quite share that really optimistic view definitely think it’s going to be a big deal one way or the other.

But not all hope is lost. The specs for the Project Scarlett are on par with what the PlayStation 5 will offer and, as Road to VR points out, that’s a sign that the console can at least accommodate the medium. Then there’s the whole augmented reality pursuit that Microsoft is taking with Minecraft and the Hololens. Overall, the conclusion from E3 2019 is that Microsoft’s next Xbox isn’t coming out with VR immediately but they can accommodate a change in strategy down the line.

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