New Alien Game Heading to VR According to Rumors

Easily one of the most terrifying series of films out there, Ridley Scott’s Alien is a marquee sci-fi property that has suffered from a few hit-or-miss films of late.

But the last video game installment, Alien: Isolation, was an absolute home run and it looks like we could be getting more of that type of game -except for this time in VR.

That’s right, rumors are circulating that the xenomorph laden film franchise could be getting a VR installment in the near future and that has fans of both VR and Alien absolutely dying with excitement.

UploadVR is pegging an announcement of the game for next week and other news outlets around the web are confirming it. Speculation is all over the place but many people are pointing to the previously mentioned Alien: Isolation as a good indicator of where a VR game could be headed.

Geoff Keighley, a host of the Games Awards Show, released an image to his Twitter account that is nothing less than a Weyland-Yutani message telling us “Worlds will change.” The Games Awards will take place next week on December 6 and that is when many people think we will finally get some concrete information on the next Alien game.

This rumor was presaged by a copyright filing by Fox for the name “Alien: Blackout.” As UploadVR points out, Fox acquired a studio with VR experience earlier this year, Cold Iron Studios, and it seems like the recent copyright is directly tied to a video game property. The dev has experience in “mobile, console, and VR” game development according to the publication.

One huge caveat to all of this news is, of course, that Alien: Blackout, or whatever it is, has not been confirmed as a VR title if at all. People are speculating that it could be a VR game and this is based on good evidence out there in the wild. Plus, anyone who has played the critically acclaimed Alien: Isolation can tell you how that format is so ripe for a VR game.

That title, which puts you in the shoes of Amanda Ripley, daughter of the main character Ellen Ripley from the first film, and tasks you with surviving a xenomorph infestation of a space station called Sevastopol while finding out more information about your mother’s fate. Atmospheric, terrifying, and an amazing game in almost every regard, Alien: Isolation does an amazing job at capturing the feeling of the films while making that concept a game in the same stroke. Heck, if Alien: Blackout isn’t a VR game, can we get a port of Alien: Isolation, please?

Ah, but we did have a demonstration of Isolation on an Oculus headset not too long ago, some of you will point out. Indeed, the game was used to show off the Rift DK2 headset and some intrepid modders even turned it into a full-fledged game. But that’s not official, and we’re talking about official…rumors. Let’s hope these whispers about Alien: Blackout proves correct.

What do you think?

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