Microsoft Shows Off Augmented Reality Minecraft Game

Minecraft might be a little old by now, but it’s still big as ever.

And ever since Microsoft picked up Mojang, the sky has literally been the limit when it comes to creativity in the game.

While it isn’t VR, augmented reality is closely related and is growing at an impressive clip as well.

Unlike VR, AR doesn’t require a special headset and, in fact, can make use of the camera and screen on most smartphones.

Anyone who has ever played Pokemon Go knows what AR is all about.

While that sensation has died down somewhat, it looks like Microsoft is ready to cash in on Minecraft and AR with an app that combines both.

Microsoft is promising to give out more details next week, but the teaser trailer they’ve gifted us with has the world salivating.

Showing a young girl who discovers a new Minecraft app on her phone, she then discovers one of the game’s iconic pigs running around only to be joined by the villagers from the game as well.

In short, the characters of Minecraft will be coming to our own world.

That’s really all the details that they gave us, but it’s more than enough to kick off all sorts of speculation.

For one, it isn’t the first time that Microsoft has shown off something that uses AR and Minecraft.

If you will recall, the reveal of their Hololens used Minecraft as a demonstration of the capabilities and game-changing possibilities that the Hololens brings to the table.

Aside from the Pokemon Go app mentioned above, AR is also apparently making its way into the Harry Potter copycat game that uses the former as an inspiration.

Basically, AR and gaming are getting pretty intertwined at any early stage even though the benefits of augmented reality, like VR, go well beyond just games.

Of course, when Microsoft releases some more information about this new AR Minecraft experience, we’ll let you know.


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