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Doctor Who: The Edge of Time Coming to VR in September 2019

One of the biggest British television shows ever is coming to VR and fans cannot wait.What about the rest of us?We should be pretty...

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Vertigo Games’ After the Fall is VR Survival Horror Like You’ve Always Wanted

Widely considered one of the best survival horror games on VR, Arizona Sunshine makes best-of lists. As you can imagine, this gives gamers a...

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No Xbox VR at E3 2019, Does It Matter?

Microsoft revealed a lot of impressive stuff about the next-gen Xbox but one massive thing was missing for those of us that love VR...

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Pistol Whip Hopes to Take the Addictive Gameplay of Beat Saber and Add Gunplay Mechanics

It’s hard to deny how astoundingly huge Beat Saber is as a game.Depending on who you ask, some gamers even think it is...

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Oculus Quest Gets Port of Echo Arena

Oculus Quest snags another big name game according to Upload VR.One of the biggest multiplayer games on VR is coming to Oculus Quest...

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