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The Creators of Myst Turn to Kickstarter to Fund VR Game Firmament

Puzzle games can be a love them or hate them genre for most people. But, combine it with some adventure, and you have the...

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VR Giving Doctors a Real Time View of a Patient’s Internal Organs

We like to think of all the ways that VR is changing video games.But it’s making an equally huge impact on other industries, one...

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Marvel’s Iron Man Coming to VR!

This week is shaping up to be one for the history books as far as huge VR announcements are concerned.From No Man’s Sky coming...

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The PSVR is Printing Money

Well, Sony is making a bunch of money these days.And one of the pillars of their success happens to be the PSVR, which is...

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No Man’s Sky Comes to VR

Space might be the final frontier for humanity, but it is a pretty common environment for virtual reality.You might recall a few years back...

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