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Articles - August 16, 2019

Low-Fi’s Early Teaser Promises a Gritty Cyberpunk VR Game

Cyberpunk is all the rage in terms of aesthetic and set up but few of those titles get away from the 1980s spirit – especially when it comes to technology.

That’s why a VR-based future with cyberpunk overtones is not only a somewhat modern and intriguing take on the genre but also the perfect platform for launching a virtual reality game itself. Coming from the devs behind 2016’s Technolust, Low-Fi promises a game that succeeds in capturing the best of that title while also doing its own thing.

Set in a futuristic Toronto, Low-Fi puts you in a world dominated by virtual reality itself and that’s probably because “reality” is crushingly depressing at the bare minimum.

You’re a police officer assigned to city-block 303 and, as RoadtoVR reports, players will be involved in solving crimes as well as serving as the local neighborhood gumshoe. It all sounds really cool, to be honest, and kind of like the Konami classic Snatcher, itself a game inspired by the foundational cyberpunk movie Bladerunner.

So when can you expect Low-Fi to hit the streets? Sometime in 2020 according to the developers which are right around the corner in many ways. There aren’t many details about the exact gameplay and whether or not the approach will be instanced or tied to some kind of linear, overarching story. Either way, we’re on board so far.

What do you think? Is cyberpunk something that VR needs? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 👇

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