Is Sony Recruiting for a Major VR Title

Rumors are swirling that Sony is looking to beef up its UK-based staff in preparation for a big VR title in the future.

What that title exactly remains unknown but what we do know is that the UK’s Express found ample evidence that such movements were afoot in the United Kingdom.

Currently, the studio is looking for a Senior Level Designer, among other things. The studio is based in Manchester, UK but has some work done in London.

In an advert for the jobs, the new studio describes itself jobs with it as: “An exciting opportunity to join an ambitious new studio creating original games for PlayStation VR. Sony’s new VR studio is co-located in both Manchester & London. We are looking for an experienced senior level designer to join us in our London office. You will be skilled in creating level layouts, player objectives & enemy placements to deliver high quality, exciting missions. Having shipped several successful games, you will be excited by the prospect of applying your level design knowledge to Virtual Reality.”

While everything is shaded with mystery now, things will probably become clearer in the coming months. One thing a lot of VR enthusiasts are taking from this though is that it is proof positive that Sony is dedicated to PSVR now and into the future.

And that’s kind of a big deal when everyone and their mom questions the viability of the format as a pillar of the industry moving forward.

Speaking of major titles coming out for PSVR, The Independent’s Gary Jones does a great job of highlighting the upcoming MOBA for VR, Megalith.

In his article, “PlayStation VR NEWS: Sony recruiting for ambitious PS4 games project,” Jones talks about the much-anticipated PSVR MOBA which debuted earlier in January 2019 and which is already incorporating user feedback in its first of many expansions.

Those that haven’t played massively online battle arena games before might find the experience strange at first, especially in VR, but it might be just what the genre needs right now.

Battle Royale games before battle royale was a thing, MOBAs were a huge fad in the gaming world about five or so years ago but have faded in prominence since. Given VR’s unmatched ability to breath new life into old genres, maybe Megalith is just what all of us need right now.

In fact, Disruptive Games plans on giving gamers a chance to decide for themselves whether or not Megalith is for them in an upcoming free trial.

A statement from the company cited by the Independent reads in part: “We are working on a trial version of the game. This will allow anyone to try Megalith for free and play with those who already own the full game. Players in the trial can also earn currency and unlock skins that will carry over to the full game if they chose to purchase it. Trial players will be limited to a hero rotation and will need to purchase the full game to have unrestricted access to the starting Titans.”

What do you think?

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This site uses advertising as a source of revenue
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