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Articles - September 15, 2021

I can boost VR headsets. Can you assist me?

Extensive story short, when i was a child i was obssessed with new technological know-how in my childhood the soaring tech was 3d with cyan/crimson eyeglasses and i utilised to make them and make written content for me ( i did not have no one to share with ) but this gave me a superior understanding on how 3d operates in general and made me build one thing my personal eyeglasses that produced me in a position to use the ps though another person else is observing the tv on the same display screen each full screen.

Now this kept staying in my intellect for all individuals yrs since everytime i clearly show it to somebody they imagine it’s futuristic, but for me it really is just a technology that we will not use any longer and can carry a great deal to the VR business, more specifically the field of check out it can increase it to as large as one’s need with basic hardware addition ( isn’t going to require nearly anything we really don’t have now ) and an adjustement for the program.

The matter is a prototype would cost me arround 7k and i really don’t even know what to do with it. So bassically i’m right here to ask what would you do in my situation? Should really i just share the animation i built to reveal it for anyone for cost-free for the sake of vr? Should i attempt to speak to any one? Who?

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