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Articles - August 18, 2019

HTC Viveport Brings Streaming to Virtual Reality

Get all of the virtual reality gaming you want for one monthly price? Sign us up.

Or at least that’s what HTC hopes you think when you see that Viveport is bringing a ton of VR games for one regular fee to people who sign up for its streaming service. Called Viveport Streaming, this service allows for streaming-capable VR headsets to use a PC to stream games to the device which means that users don’t have to download the game. Viveport Streaming combines the headset with the Viveport Infinity VR subscription service.

There are about 800 titles on offer and the subscription will cost $13 a month or if you choose to pay the annual cost upfront, $9 per month. The only downside to all of this, as Digital Trends highlights, is that you still need to be tethered to a PC with a fairly capable graphics chip. In the future, HTC thinks that wireless 5G technology will help the company to enable this kind of service in the future for its standalone devices but, for now, you need a PC to make all of this work.

The company said in a statement, “Viveport Streaming expands the accessible content for stand-alone devices from hundreds of titles to many thousands instantly, by enabling one-click access to the entire existing PC VR content library…This will allow users to enjoy high-quality VR content rendered from a high-end PC without having to worry about a wired connection or buying an additional VR streaming accessory.”

Initially, the HTC Vive Focus Plus will be the first headset to support the new service with others coming after that.

What do you think? Is streaming the future of VR gaming? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 👇

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