Hello Games Asks Fans If They Want No Man’s Sky in Virtual Reality

Though probably more well known for its rocky launch than anything else, Hello Games’ space exploration game No Man’s Sky has since gone on to fulfill most of the promises it made prior to breaking everyone’s heart.

And being in the hands of such caring devs, the team there has asked the game’s fans if they’d like to see a virtual reality mode added to it.

Releasing in the fourth quarter of 2016, No Man’s Sky offers players a seemingly endless galaxy within which players can explore, survive in, engage in trade, and fight off enemies.

Using a procedurally generated set of worlds, No Man’s Sky has continuously updated itself since launch to deliver what feels like an organic experience and one that would be perfect for a VR setting.

This is apparently something that is on the minds of Hello Games if a survey given from the devs to players of the game is any indication of future projects they are considering.

No Man’s Sky players are reporting that a prompt asking survey takers to pick which feature they would most like to see in a future update, one of the choices on that list was a virtual reality adaptation. Naturally, this has kicked off speculation among the game’s fanbase and has caught on as something a dedicated group would like to see happen.

VR gaming, for its part, would benefit immensely from such a massive title being added to its ranks. Not only is No Man’s Sky a psychedelic take on space but it is also filled to the brim with immersive elements that beg to a headset rather than a screen.

Likened by some people to Minecraft in space with an emphasis on exploration, No Man’s Sky is one of the more dynamic games out there that could be easily ported to VR gaming without changing a lot of the core gameplay.

After all, the segment has suffered its share of shoehorned ports and could use something that is nearly a VR game in its current form.

Of course, just appearing in a user satisfaction survey is little indication that a VR version of No Man’s Sky will come out anytime soon.

But it hasn’t stopped fans from speculating about it.

It would easily make a port over to the HTC Vive or even the Oculus Rift but it could also appear on the PSVR unit. Though it is immersive and vast, No Man’s Sky is not the most graphically intensive title out there.

One thing that often holds some ports back, especially those from storied game development houses that emphasize quality over output, is how a title can be fit for a virtual reality frame. As discussed above, No Man’s Sky is 75% of the way there already but, in terms of what they could “add” to the experience, that’s a question that Hello Games would have to answer.

It is pretty certain from some of the more enthusiastic reactions to the survey that a VR No Man’s Sky would be one way to inject new life into the two-year-old game.

What do you think?

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This site uses advertising as a source of revenue
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