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Articles - September 23, 2021

Have to have assist locating headset.

A bit new and finding information on the internet is tough and people in stores know completely almost nothing about vr headsets and nessacary necessities.
Im seeking for a vr heaset that performs with vrchat/laptop/steam, has hand monitoring, and no base station/ has inside-out tracking.
Also possessing the skill to eventually insert fullbody tracking and it remaining appropriate would be preferable..

Obtaining a cord is no problem while, but id want owning 1 thats effortless to handle and doesn’t require substantially set up.

Price is not the problem as id somewhat help save up for a excellent and well worth it headset im happy with than be unsatisfied. If theres a more cost-effective headset with these abilities thats a in addition tho.
Id truly respect any assistance as this would mean a whole lot to me, currently being able to expertise vr.

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