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Valve Index Controllers

About Valve Index Controllers
The Valve Index controllers, formerly known as Knuckles controllers are one of the most advanced state-of-the-art controller systems available for VR. What sets these controllers apart from the large array of over VR controllers is their finger tracking capabilities. Finger tracking takes immersion to a whole new level and allows you to interact with others in-game in ways you couldn't possibly do with other controllers.

Finger Tracking and Sensors

Want to make peace sign or shaka brah before you fist bump? Just do it with your fingers instead of relying on triggers and other buttons. Grabbing and dropping objects is an incredibly fun experience in itself. No more using a single button to grab an object before you throw it, just do it as you would in real life. Each controller has 87 sensors! You heard that right, eighty-seven sensors in each controller which tracks hand and finger position, movement, and pressure to intelligently determine your exact intention.

Gaming Inputs

The Valve Index controllers also come with your standard trigger, toggle sticks, buttons, and trackpad for whatever you might need in-game. Along with standard buttons, you also get the ability to squeeze the body of the controller for standard grip input. This means if you want to hold onto an object in-game all you have to do is wrap your fingers around it and squeeze. So cool.
Valve Index Controllers Details
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