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So I was recording a playthrough of Bullet Time Agent and I got distracted and somehow ended up playing bullet time saber.... 👀😆Blocking bullets is addicting...
Everything is a work in progress, full world will be out later this year #vrchat

Started creating an advanced combat system in Udon. So far Ive made the basics of melee combat, and the damage done to the target changes based on how hard you hit it. All of it is coded in C# using @MerlinVR_'s compiler! #MadeWithUdon #VRChat

We've recently made some changes to how our Status types work, and have more changes on the way. Read more about it in our latest blog post!


I've Launched a New World today on #VRChat for #OculusQuest users and PC! The Old Warehouse. This is a world created to be a Semi-Realistic Refurbished Warehouse in a similar Style to the 'Just Moved In' World. Same style of Settings and Mirror buttons!


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