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Undead Citadel

Created By Dark Curry released on December 31, 2019
About Undead Citadel

Undead Citadel is an action-packed title exclusively built for VR that relies on a hybrid physics-driven combat system which allows for unobtrusive close/ranged medieval skirmishes with real-life movements, all within a visually stunning fantasy universe threatened by undead annihilation. You will play as Sir Anvil Capheus, who is more of a vulgar, obnoxious, and crude criminal rather than your typical knight in shining armour, yet seemingly he is all that is left in order to restore the former glory of Ingolstadt and banish the undead…

Game Details

As you know, I am the owner of @novarama, an independent games studio from Barcelona. We are not Bioware, but we managed to survive as a 30-people game studio for 17 years. So I thought I’d share advice on how to ensure your indie studio survives and thrives. Enter thread!

We're hugely excited to announce our partnership with @handy_games, a @thqnordic divison, to bring #Endling to PC, #PS4, #Xbox and #NintendoSwitch.

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@MadridGameWeek @jugonvirtual @videojuegosAEVI Si sois estudios indies de VR, podéis apuntaros en la web para tener un stand gratuito en el que mostrar el juego durante la feria. Atentos! @RogueTitanGames @DeerCaptain_ @TheGameForgers @Dark_Curry @IvanovichGames @KaijuGames_es Y más que seguro se nos olvidan

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