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The Copper Canyon Shoot Out

Created By Black Dragon Studios Ltd. released on July 19, 2019
About The Copper Canyon Shoot Out

Howdy Partners!
A frantic, vibrant shooter set in a Steampunk Wild West world, these here parts have been overrun by an army of corrupt enforcement machines. Outnumbered and outgunned, you ride into town dead set on getting even with this robot horde, so don your Stetson and pick up your laser pistols because it’s time to save the Copper Canyon!

Game Details

Hello all, there is a new weekly tech update on the blog. This week’s tech update for You’re Doomed focuses on the new sludge effects, how they were created, and the trial error our indie studio went through to create them.

Hi everyone! Our title The Copper Canyon Shoot Out is coming #PSVR on 19th July! https://t.co/RnkLsE6me2 #UnrealEngine #Cowboys #WildWest #PSVR #Playstation4

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