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Created By Borrowed Light Studios released on October 15, 2019
About Spectro

Spectro is a first person, ghost-busting, roguelike built exclusively for VR. Trap ghosts, dodge spells, loot chests, find hidden items, and explore an infinitely shifting haunted tower. Can you get to the top and return with the Mask of Okeem?

Something paranormal has been sweeping through the town of Weirdwood. Dust off your gear and head into the ever-changing haunted tower to return with the Mask of Okeem! Capture ghosts, search for hidden totems, and find powerful new items. Spectro is a ghost hunting VR action roguelike with free movement, spell dodging, and endless replayability.

It's been over 4 years of development and lots of iteration during early access, but Spectro is finally coming to both Steam and Oculus on June 11th!

So cool to see the coming soon page on the Oculus store :) https://oculus.com/experiences/rift/2746233972155269
#indiedev #IndieGameDev

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