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Space Pirate Trainer

Created By I-Illusions released on October 12, 2017
About Space Pirate Trainer

Space Pirate Trainer created by I-Illusions and winner of Proto Best Game of 2016 award, is an action-packed arcade space shooter game where you fend of swarms of droids. Use futuristic weapons and gadgets defeat the enemies before they defeat you.

Game Details

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🐭 1 x Moss
🚨 1 x Superhot
👾 1 x Space Pirate Trainer (!!)
🔪 1 x Budget Cuts
🥊 1 x Gorn
🔫 1 x Cosmic Trip
🏐 1 x Smashbox Arena
🎶 3 x soundtracks

WOW! Space Pirate Arena looks UNBELIEVABLE!

@i_illusions, @HanneyChris , and @quarkcannon behind this game are moving #VR forward! When can we get our hands on it?! 👀

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