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Space Pirate Trainer

Created By I-Illusions released on October 12, 2017
About Space Pirate Trainer

Space Pirate Trainer created by I-Illusions and winner of Proto Best Game of 2016 award, is an action-packed arcade space shooter game where you fend of swarms of droids. Use futuristic weapons and gadgets defeat the enemies before they defeat you.

Game Details

✨Ultimate Zoom background time ✨ The new Oculus Mixed Reality Capture Tool paired up with Space Pirate Trainer and your @Oculus Quest or Rift S makes mixed-reality videos super easy to make! Learn how to do it at http://creators.oculus.com/mrc

🎂 Happy birthday 🎂 Oculus Quest!
Some amazing games on discount for the weekend - while celebrating with Space Pirates make sure to check out all the spooky zombies, floating job-bots, beat boxing, futuristic rackets, and a whole bunch more!

Challenge yourself? This is one of those bundles that just makes sense.


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