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Skyfront VR

Created By Levity Play released on November 10, 2017
About Skyfront VR

Skyfront created by Levity Play is an ultra fast-paced VR multiplayer FPS game. You play as a character in zero-g and join battle arenas online to fight opponents. With a huge selection of weapons and abilities, multiple game modes, customizations, and an eSports progression system, this game is sure to be a win. Currently still in early access it is available for the major VR headsets on Steam.

Game Details

Disco Elysium will be out on October 15th! 60+ hour open world RPG published and developed by ZA/UM. Check out our fresh trailer! https://youtu.be/hqVzFjna00Y

Skirmish Time 😎
Jump in the game and rack up some points to grab the top prize!
Skirmish rules:

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