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Puzzle Out VR

Created By Glock Software released on December 1, 2018
About Puzzle Out VR

Put your helmet on and try to solve the tangram puzzles before getting crushed by the alien wall! Experience an atmospheric setting that tests your dexterity as well as your ability to stay focused. Smash crystals to slow down the wall!

Game Details

Use a second Unity instance for the same code base

- Copy the project
- Delete "Assets"
- Create a symbolic link to the original directory:

mklink /D CopiedProject\Assets OriginalProject\Assets

#unity3d #gamedev

Now on to the biggest asset in the #OculusStart package! A refurb Rift! I already set up everything and the headset feels great! Now on to the porting options for my #VR games with the #Oculus SDK in Unity.

Delving into rigging my custom VR hands to use with the SteamVR skeletal input system. Wish me luck. https://github.com/ValveSoftware/openvr/wiki/Hand-Skeleton

Made some progress today towards getting materials from the environment! Use your avatar's axe to chop some wood and get it delivered to your VR inventory. Inventory management is nearly finished too! Stay tuned...

#indiedev #indiegames #VR #survival

Must wait for the completion of my next VR game. Glass for celebrations included in #OculusStart (without the drinks of course)!

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