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Pavlov VR

Created By davevillz Studios released on February 27, 2017
About Pavlov VR

Pavlov VR created by davevillz Studios is a fast-paced multiplayer first-person shooter game where players play as Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists to either eliminate the other team or complete an objective such as defusing a bomb. More notably known as a remake of the PC game Counterstrike, there are obvious interactive differences that make this one of the best games available in VR.

Last build of 2019, I'm really proud of the team, we almost made it!😄. We'll continue with the next milestone (custom maps) as release feature in 2020. As for myself, I need a break. happy holidays. Performance and polish, one build away from soft launch - almost there.

Pavlov: Shack (final title) is delayed for early next year, our core party/friend support failed to run on android. However we are still optimizing and polishing for the 19th for a soft launch via sideload. 🙈

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