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Created By Orbus Online released on December 15, 2017
About OrbusVR

OrbusVR created by Orbus Online, LLC is a room scale MMORPG with a giant open world, quests, dungeons, and real online players. A unique and fun VR massive multiplayer online role-playing game, OrbusVR brings you an interesting story and lots of gameplay.

Game Details

The Tinkering update is live! Check out our in-depth blog post for a tutorial video and everything you need to know about the latest crafting profession in #orbusvr: https://t.co/e1LFMGNckR

Following the Tinkering update will be Player House Customization, launching on Nov. 19, where you can use items created with the Tinkerer profession to decorate your house. https://t.co/pCcVW7GQYv #orbusvr

We are excited to announce that the new Tinkering profession will be launching on Nov. 5! Gather blueprints and resources to build your own tools, furniture and more. Read more: https://t.co/pCcVW7GQYv #orbusvr

Patch 10.998 is live, and with it come two brand new level 30 dungeons and an increase to the endgame Shard dungeons system, upping the cap to +15, with new mutations to challenge you and sweet new gear to acquire!

Patch notes: https://t.co/tTSe12ZSeI

Less than 1 week 'til the new level 30 dungeons and shard dungeon increases come out! Both will offer a chance to earn new sets of gear and weapons.

Read more: https://t.co/hmnH8hlhWg #orbusvr

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