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Neos VR

Created By Frooxius,Solirax released on May 4, 2018
About Neos VR

Neos VR Metaverse created by Frooxius and Solirax is an innovative social VR universe and metaverse engined where creatives and casual users create and explore. Lots of amazing and powerful tools are available to make something new right in VR.

Game Details

Had a fun time today diving into @neos_vr. Danced (the IK is great!) and explored some worlds. I barely scratched the surface but the game is awesome and I definitely recommend trying it out! #VR

We've seen some cool VR dancing and full-body & eye tracking utilization in @neos_vr this week! The Sydney Human Factor Research lab has published amazing chemistry worlds made by their students and we've made some good progress on the font rendering. https://t.co/3Wf2yRd1PP

Noticed that new version of the @htcvive Pro Eye SDK exposes more data in the API, particularly eye "wide" expression. Didn't take long to add it to @neos_vr and map to my avatar's eyebrow blendshape! #metaverse #gamedev #social #VR

I'm working on multi channel signed distance field font rendering for the new custom font rendering system for @neos_vr Seeing the generated glyphs load is strangely mesmerizing. Actual generation of all these glyphs took just a few seconds! #gamedev #social #VR #metaverse

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