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Created By Resolution Games released on November 20, 2018
About Narrows

Narrows created by Resolution games is a VR pirate strategy adventure game where you play as a captain commanding your crew to find fortune and riches in the high seas. Plunder away in the golden age of piracy and live out your dream as a Pirate battling the royal navy and other pirates. A beautiful game for standalone VR headsets and a must have in your VR game library.

Happy Lunar New Year! We hope the Year of the Rat brings you happiness, prosperity and golden acorns.

P.S. #AcronVRGame is currently on sale in the Oculus Store. https://t.co/8TiZJQCglT

We're 5 years old! To celebrate, we're giving away a mystery VR party box (headset excluded) and game codes! To enter, simply hit retweet and answer this piece of Resolution trivia in the comments. (Ends Jan 31 at 5 pm CEST) #giveaway #contest

We're hosting another playtest next week - this time for a multiplayer game with 2 to 3 players! Gather your friends and sign up for a 40 or 90-minute session today. #stockholm #playtest https://t.co/ScZTW1Bvyh

Super excited about this milestone! We launched Bait! in 2016 and it was one of the first games that really showed everyone - from seasoned gamers to non-games alike - the power of VR. It's been fun to watch it grow. https://t.co/CBzzRhsO2e

We just reeled in 3 million players for Bait! A big thank you to every angler who has joined us on Bait! Island over the years. We are thrilled to reach this milestone. #VRgame #gaming

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