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Created By Resolution Games released on November 20, 2018
About Narrows

Narrows created by Resolution games is a VR pirate strategy adventure game where you play as a captain commanding your crew to find fortune and riches in the high seas. Plunder away in the golden age of piracy and live out your dream as a Pirate battling the royal navy and other pirates. A beautiful game for standalone VR headsets and a must have in your VR game library.

Check out the journey of our character Canix – from the first exploration sketches to the final concept art. #BlastonVR #gamdev #VRgame #conceptart


Over 100,000,000 enemies were shattered in Superhot VR over the past 12 months. That’s just one way you all made the first year of #OculusQuest truly remarkable. What’s your top #OnlyinVR achievement?

Save the date! We're excited to participate in the @UploadVR Showcase: Summer Edition on June 8, part of @IGN’s Summer of Gaming. #UVRShowcase https://bit.ly/3g5eMlg

Our colleague Sandra has been taking advantage of the sun lately by enjoy fika outside and long walks. #WFHsthlm #Stockholm

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