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Created By Polyarc released on February 27, 2018
About Moss

Moss VR is an extremely immersive action-adventure puzzle VR game, combining different aspects of storytelling and hack and slash together to form a highly rated product.

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@PolyarcGames The lockdown is a chance to go over my backlog, and I realized I haven't actually finished Moss (started on PSVR, sold it, bought on Quest). Should have done it earlier - such an amazing game, one of the best uses for VR I've seen. You rock! :D

Played Moss the #vrgame this weekend and was absolutely stunned. It is such an amazing beautiful game, so underhyped in my opinion. @PolyarcGames you inspired me.

Looking to develop a VR game. Check out @mariedeal's article @GIBiz full of industry experts sharing tips and how to get the best out of VR. Our very own @DBulla @PolyarcGames gives his perspective on what's good for the medium to VR comfort buckets.


The games industry has teamed up with the World Health Organization to promote #PlayApartTogether. This is a time that we need each other but can’t be with each other. So lets do what we do best and play ... just not next to each other. https://t.co/bpdYRiN3BW

With the crazy that's happening around us right now, remember that you can turn to VR as an escape. Whether that's wielding light sabers, dodging bullets, exploring the world or going on a fantasy
adventure. #StayHome #VR


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