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Created By Polyarc released on February 27, 2018
About Moss

Moss VR is an extremely immersive action-adventure puzzle VR game, combining different aspects of storytelling and hack and slash together to form a highly rated product.

Game Details

@PolyarcGames Moss is the most beautiful game that I have ever played on #OculusQuest 😍😇great level design,creative puzzles, interactive physics.For 30$ I think its the best game you can get on @oculus store right now(Maybe next to @BeatSaber 😅😅)btw Quill is soo Adorable🥺🥰

I'd like to formally announce Animation Sherpa, opening January 20th! For more information on the school and to download the free #BaqirRig, visit https://t.co/ITHOnV7SUO

Now that the Twilight Garden update for Moss is out, I figured it's a good time to release a new animation showcase. Big thanks to the amazing folks @PolyarcGames for the incredible opportunity! This clip is just a taste. For the full 3 minute video visit: https://t.co/MzOsZl6Rm9

Trying to decide the best game engine for your game? @PolyarcGames’ @JoshStiksma sat down with @mariedeal @GIBiz to help her pull together this comprehensive guide. What do you think? https://t.co/kt3I96ThUs

Only about an hour into the game but I'm already in love with #Moss from @PolyarcGames.
Art style and world is fantastic, soundtrack amazing and the animations of Quill are so charming. Plus it looks great in the Quest.

Highly recommend it

#Moss #OculusQuest #VR #VirtualReality

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