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Lone Echo

Created By Ready At Dawn released on January 27, 2020
About Lone Echo

Lone Echo created by Ready at Dawn is a virtual reality adventure game where you play as an artificially intelligent robot in zero-gravity on a mining space station orbiting Saturn. You will explore the space station and help your captain solve an increasingly threatening mystery.

Game Details

Congratulations to the winners of the Echo Combat Beginners Cup that concluded recently. And thank you for taking the time to create a fun community event, @robocreator223. Keep up the great work. We're glad you're doing good work in @EchoGames! 🏆

#VResports #VirtualReality

Head to our twitch stream right now to watch the Echo Arena exhibition match! TTU and St.Clair are battling soon! #EchoArena #CVRE https://t.co/cXSVI01mw4

Season 4 kicks off tomorrow with the Echo Arena Exhibition match taking place at 12pc CST/1pm EST! Watch the S3 champions St.Clair and TTU battle in low gravity!

Assemble your teams and sign up for the first season of Echo Arena in the @VRMasterLeague . Find out who took top honors during the pre-season and learn more about the game, the league, and the players in this @VR_Fit_Insider article by @sonyahaskins. 🎉


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