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Lone Echo

Created By Ready At Dawn released on May 27, 2020
About Lone Echo

Lone Echo created by Ready at Dawn is a virtual reality adventure game where you play as an artificially intelligent robot in zero-gravity on a mining space station orbiting Saturn. You will explore the space station and help your captain solve an increasingly threatening mystery.

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Season 1 American Grand Finals🏆✨🔥
Kangorillaz vs @TeamJokr



Season 1 AM Finals🏆✨

🥽Oculus Venues http://oculus.com/experiences/event/627651824490896
with @Palidore_VR @SirDimwi @SputnikKobra @somuchforsub Wit

@oculus @ProTubeVR @RebuffReality @vrcover @FiXT_Gaming @ARMAgg #EchoArena #VResports

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