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I Expect You To Die

Created By Schell Games released on April 25, 2017
About I Expect You To Die

I Expect You To Die created by Schell Games is a virtual reality puzzle game where you play as an elite secret agent with telekinetic abilities. You will attempt to stop a super evil genius Zoraxis while doing your best to overcome seemingly impossible and deadly scenarios. Complete covert operations and survive if you can…

The Agency has valuable intel to share with you.
Join Jesse Schell and Charlie Amis for a @reddit #AMA in the /r/pcgaming subreddit on January 22nd at 3 pm EST. Start crafting your questions now!
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From concept to product, our team at HQ works hard to give Agents the best experience during missions.
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I Expect You To Die is 50% off for the @humble Winter Sale, join the Agency if you haven't already! https://t.co/d7ltczYKTH
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Many of our Agents love the opening #credits experience HQ created for I Expect You To Die, but most don't know the story behind it. Check out this article detailing the inspiration, process, and iterations of our opening credits - https://t.co/v9FC2e531d
#gamedev #VR

Thanks to @oculus for sending this over to HQ. We're glad the Agency could be a part of the Quest launch!
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