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Echo Combat

Created By Ready At Dawn released on November 15, 2018
About Echo Combat

Echo Combat is a team-based competitive zero-g first-person shooter from the creators of Echo Arena and Lone Echo. It is an expansion to the Echo VR franchise. Play as a futuristic military robot in a unique first-person competitive space combat shooter set in the Lone Echo universe. Built upon Lone Echo and Echo Arena’s core mechanics, Echo Combat offers compelling, novel, and competitive combat beyond anything experienced before.

Game Details

So uh, I made something a little different from my normal stuff. Got enough funny clips last night while doing camera/casting practice, that it inspired a new vid.

No idea if I'll actually end up doing more of these, but hey 😅 @EchoGames #VR

Biohazred has tackled another popular game in his VR Ops Operator's Guides. Check out this installment called Echo Combat: SURGE tips with @sonyahaskins!
#EchoCombat #EchoArena #VResports

This year’s Halloween event is now live! Play 1 public Echo Arena or Echo Combat match today through November 1st to collect your Halloween treats 🤖🍬🎃

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