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Beat Saber

Created By Hyperbolic Magnetism released on January 5, 2018
About Beat Saber

Beat saber is a VR rhythm game that will have you dancing to the beat while using two lightsabers to slash small cubes to some great music. Each beat lets you know which saber to use along with the direction you must slice. Bring out your inner Jedi in a series of unique and creative levels that will have you coming back again and again.

Gotta give it to the PSVR community right now, you guys are being so mature and patient. Feeling for ya's with this delayed update. I hope it doesn't take too much longer until you guys can start slashing some new cubes.


@BeatSaber while waiting for the PSVR update I think I made a new challenge.

I call it the "Color Blind Challenge"! Try to beat the song without knowing the colors


Still stuck inside? This new Beat Saber update is insane! @beatsaber

Just played the new Expert+ One Saber songs on @BeatSaber and they are fantastic and tired me out a little. I scored #1 on Believer, and #2 on Play and High Hopes. The rest I scored top 10. Amazing update Beat Saber <3

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