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Created By Resolution Games released on March 23, 2016
About Bait!

Bait! created by Resolution Games is a casual VR fishing game where you play as a fisherman working for your boss to help catch rare fish to save your work’s aquarium! Sit back, relax and catch a lot of different fish and make friends with the locals. Play across four unique and fun lakes with their own distinct styles and fish. A great game for standalone VR headsets, free on Oculus Go, and a good game to have in your library.

Our upcoming @magicleap game is coming along! And, by the look on Armin's face, we think you're going to like it! #IndieCreatorProgram #MagicLeapOne

We're having another playtest session next week! If you live in #Stockholm, we would love to see you there. Sign up here --> https://t.co/nfnXgu5DWK #playtest

Did you know that there is an unofficial Acron: Attack of the Squirrels! #Discord channel? Join like-minded friends and get ready for a 'nutty' good time! https://t.co/CVjugHgOaM #AcronVRGame #OculusQuest #OculusRift #HTCVive

Want to play some games?? Sign up now for our October #Playtest taking place in our #Stockholm studio next week! https://t.co/wTtdz1HRSe

Did you know we have a live Dev Chat every Wednesday? Join us today (10/9) at 4pm CEST / 10am ET at https://t.co/VuO3nLLwN3, and ask our Game Developer Moa the burning questions you've been wondering about! #gamedev #devchat #VR

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