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Arizona Sunshine

Created By Jaywalkers Interactive,Vertigo Games released on December 6, 2016
About Arizona Sunshine

Arizona Sunshine created by Vertigo Games and Jaywalkers Interactive is an intense zombie apocalypse action horror VR game. Explore and survive the unforgiving post-apocalyptic using a variety of weapons and strategies. This game is not for the faint at heart. If you love zombies and want some fun blasting them away, you should definitely give Arizona Sunshine a try.

#Arizonasunshine #ArizonaVRsary @Vertigo_Games Probably one of my favorite #VR Co-op shooter just because we were ridiculous during our playthrough, Here a taste of what we found.

Chat with #AFishermansTale Creative Director @BalthazarVR and Game Director @Alexis_Moroz from @InnerspaceVR this thursday (21/11) on Reddit during an AMA and win keys for their VR GOTY!

Reddit link: https://t.co/8enoltWP6N

Pre-order the Quest version: https://t.co/wzEW4rQxNR

The @VRAwards #VR GOTY 2019 "A Fisherman's Tale" is on its way to #OculusQuest!

Preorder now and break reality in its mind-bending world on November 27: https://t.co/5LjRSx9p6z


The #VR zombie apocalypse is coming to #OculusQuest & celebrates its 3rd #ArizonaVRsary! Share your top #ArizonaSunshine moment (whether in game or in a stream of your fav YouTuber) and win!

How to participate: https://t.co/kAZ1gc80yA

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