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Apex Construct

Created By Fast Travel Games released on March 20, 2018
About Apex Construct

Apex Contruct created by Fast Travel Games is a single player action-adventure VR game where you find yourself in a futuristic world with merciless robots created by experimentation from humans. Guided by an omnipresent artificial intelligence you combat to survive in this gorgeously crafted world using a high tech bow and shield. Full of creative obstacles and intense battles, this game is a unique and fun addition to any VR collection.

Game Details

Forget the coin to that Witcher guy - the real bard is @SpooderSad who wrote this lyric poem for @ApexConstructVR!🎶

"If you had a dream to go on a quest
with your trusty bow and shield by your chest
the world shattered beyond repair
would you still go out to live its despair?"

We're so happy to let you know that @ApexConstructVR on #OculusQuest has been updated with localized subtitles in Spanish, French, German, Japanese & Korean! Dive into the robot-filled future & unravel the mystery of two AI's in conflict today: https://t.co/Lwu9jHM0gm @oculus

Thank you @oculus for this sending us this fantastic gift as a way to celebrate the launches of @ApexConstructVR & @CuriousTaleGame on #OculusQuest in 2019!🙏❤️

Happy New Year to all you VR gamers of the world! 2019 was amazing for us with both @CuriousTaleGame & #BudgetCuts2 receiving massive praise, while @ApexConstructVR on Oculus Quest became a smashing success! Make sure to follow us to see what we are working on next...😉


Our award-winning VR action/adventure @ApexConstructVR is currently being offered at 25% discount in the #OculusHolidaySale! With cross-buy, this means you get both the #OculusQuest & the Rift version for only $14.99. Step into the shattered future today: https://t.co/d6LguehYqQ

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