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Apex Construct

Created By Fast Travel Games released on March 20, 2018
About Apex Construct

Apex Contruct created by Fast Travel Games is a single player action-adventure VR game where you find yourself in a futuristic world with merciless robots created by experimentation from humans. Guided by an omnipresent artificial intelligence you combat to survive in this gorgeously crafted world using a high tech bow and shield. Full of creative obstacles and intense battles, this game is a unique and fun addition to any VR collection.

Game Details

The fight between Mothr & Fathr is everlasting, so of course we are joining this initiative in cyber bow style with @ApexConstructVR! #CombatAdVRent https://t.co/567q5VdJQV

Awesome to see @ApexConstructVR featured in the 'Rampaging Robots Collection' on the #OculusQuest store!Got some nice company there from a random guy in a dark mask, wanna-be gourmet chefs & more: https://t.co/luTKwzzEQa

After doing the VR Games Showcase with @Carbon_VR, we have now started a campaign together: Owners of The Wizards on Steam get 50% off on @ApexConstructVR until Oct 14! The offer goes both ways, so if you own any of these games - check for a coupon! https://t.co/aCjozbLSCV

Apex Construct is a story-driven, single player action/adventure made exclusively for VR. Wield an upgradable cyber bow & shield combination to battle enemy robots while exploring a shattered world. Available for Oculus Quest & Rift, PSVR, HTC Vive & WMR. https://t.co/MhtcV869O9

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