Furious Seas bringing Pirate Ship battles to VR

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If there is a particular thing you want to try out in the world of video games, then I bet you there is a VR app already made for that. Furious Seas which was developed by Future Immersive is now one of the newly uploaded games on Early Access, and it was well designed for pirate fans: It is a pirate ship combat simulator which is light on realism and a load of fun.

There is no doubt that Furious Seas is a thrilling game. The water effects are very intriguing, and there is no feeling sea-sick about it at all, especially when you are standing at the helm of your ship (for those who have played it before). In fact, there is no exaggeration attached when I say that the water in the game is the best I have ever seen in a VR headset.

Right now, there are only three chapters, and each is made up of setting sail, attacking a few pirates and finally taking on a boss ship at the end of the chapter. As the captain, you won’t be able to move around the ship. Instead, you will remain behind the wheel which is at the helm of the ship.

When steering, you will need to spin the wheel physically in any direction you want to go, there are also two bells above your head which signal to your crew if they are to speed up or slow down. The system is a good one, and you don’t need to worry about the direction of the wind at all.

Once you get to the third chapter that is when you begin to notice a subtle difference in the combat. You will realize that once you try to shoot a cannon, the crew on that particular side of the ship will also shoot theirs. If they are able and ready, there is a trajectory indicator which becomes wider to show you the full picture of all four to five cannonballs, but if they are not ready, the indicator will only show you a straight line of your canon.

Furious seas is a single player game, and because of this, interaction with your crew is quite limited, but you can develop tons of potentials such as giving your crew some perks like larger cannonballs, faster speed of reloading time and even customization.

The developer still needs to fix some things such as the voice across the board as well as the recordings which do not sync with the game’s aesthetic. Developers are already working on adding more chapters and offering multiplayer support.

Furious seas are currently available on Steam with the official support of Vive, Rift and Windows VR. For fans of “Pirates of the Caribbean” with this game, you get to be your own ‘Jack Sparrow’ with your ship which you get to steer across the open seas while blasting cannons at enemy pirates that try to attack you from all directions. Fun right? Totally!

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