VR in an arcade setting

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    I found a great article on CNET about playing VR games in an arcade setting. Mario Kart is a great example of a VR game that works better there. It would be cumbersome and expensive to set up a driving rig at home to get the full experience. I think Shark Attack would work well in that environment too. You could be in a booth that simulated the feel of water and shark nudges. Those nudges would increase in intensity when the shark begins to attack. VR has come a long way for home use, but the sky is the limit in an arcade.

    What do you think? Which games could be improved this way?



    That arcade place sounds like a perfect place to visit if I don’t have a plan of getting my own VR gear. The problem is definitely the cost of building a compatible system with the games. Not to mention that they need to provide for multiple players. I suppose games which require complicated gears, such as racing or sports, will are the most potential ones.



    Flight simulation can be a good game for the arcade setting. The flight simulation seat should be in a hanging position so that a falling sensation can be felt when we put the nose of the plane down.

    The problem I see with VR arcade is that each game requires different sets of gear for us to really enjoy the game, and that will cost a lot to the arcade owner.



    The concept in the movie “Ready Player One” is pretty simple. You stay in a box where you can run, float or seat. These actions could be done with the use of cables that support that whole body. We understand the concept, but the technology is not yet here to apply it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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