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    Which VR games have been surprisingly disappointing or amazing? After waiting so long for ARK Park to be released I think my expectations grew too high. ARK Park was thrilling at first, just like being in a real life Jurassic Park movie. The audio and visuals are incredible, more so than in any other VR game I’ve tried. However, scanning and breeding creatures and creating weapons feels like the developers crossed a Tamagotchi toy with one of the games from the Virtual Villagers franchise. ARK Park was one of the pricier games, yet the newness wears off and it quickly becomes a never-ending grind!

    On the other hand, Werewolves Within is an older VR game and is probably the most simplistic I’ve encountered. Werewolves Within doesn’t give me that immersive feel like ARK Park, but the game is surprisingly enjoyable. It’s a multi-player game involving social deceit that never gets old. Maybe that’s because the players put their own spin and personalities into the characters so no two games are alike. Werewolves Within was inexpensive, yet it’s one of the VR games that I keep coming back to.

    What’s been your experience?

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