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Articles - June 20, 2019

Follia: Dear Father Brings Visceral Horror to VR

One genre just begging to be explored in virtual reality is horror.

Can anyone think of a better, more immersive way to experience that type of game other than VR?

The only problem is that the VR market is both young and underdeveloped and the developers out there aren’t trying to garner the wrong type of attention by releasing a game that is gory and horrific.

Follia: Dear Father, however, does not shy away from being scary as heck with blood and guts everywhere.

It is promising to be one of the most visceral experiences on VR, and early signs are indicating that those statements are not idle talk.



Coming this fall from Real Game Machine, Follia: Dear Father is a survival horror game with stealth elements and buckets of blood.

The game takes place in a university that has seen better days, to put it mildly. Basically, someone or something is running around slaughtering everyone.

Real Game Machine describes Follia: Dear Father as, “Starting with just a handful of items to help him navigate the dimly lit corridors, he has to summon all his strength to survive and continue the search for his parents. Even though it might already be too late, his hopes of finding them alive will not die – unlike everyone else on campus, who already seem to have met their own gory end.

Further, players will “[e]xplore and look for clues that will help you unravel the mystery of how a university has become a slaughterhouse. Keep your eyes open – your flashlight could die any minute and engulf you in darkness. Sneak along corridors, explore every room you come across, and backtrack to find more clues and access additional parts of the university’s campus. But remember – whatever has happened here, evil has now seeped into every part of this immense university.”

What Real Game Machine showed off was impressive but there are some concerns that Follia: Dear Father won’t be as immersive as some VR fans might hope.

This is because Follia: Dear Father will be both a traditional format game as well as a VR title. That probably means immersion along the lines of what you find in Resident Evil 7 VR. That means you’ll be able to move around the environment and interact with it in a semi-intuitive way while mainly relying upon head tracking and traditional controls for most in-game actions.

Nonetheless, Follia: Dear Father looks really, really cool if you’re into horror games.

Like most horror games, Follia: Dear Father will probably rise or fall on how well it conveys atmosphere and whether or not that is effective in scaring gamers or not.

We have a good feeling it will succeed but only time will tell. Until then, we will just have to wait until fall to see what Follia: Dear Father has to offer us.

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