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Articles - September 27, 2021

Fast, Easy, and Fun Virtual Production for all! – 1.0 release soon!

Hey all! I figured this sub would be an alright place to clearly show off my startup that aims to convey reducing-edge virtual output technology to a wider audience. I hope some self-promo is alright in this sub, but if not truly feel no cost to enable me know or just choose the submit down. In any scenario, I assume some of you could respect it!

Though it really is even now in growth, SceneForge Studio aims to make the virtual production necessities (real-time rendering, stay compositing, movement capture, and pre-vis) straightforward, speedy, inexpensive, and exciting(!) to persons of all talent levels and budgets.

Certainly, I know VR is not mentioned on the site ideal now, but the application in fact begun out as a VR-only digital filmmaking app, but we have since shifted absent from that to aim on the much larger sum of desktop users. That staying said, scene enhancing, spot “scouting”, and movement seize using VR is a little something which is actively remaining worked on, so I figured it wouldn’t damage to write-up here as very well!

If this is something you or anyone you know is interested in, be sure to take into account signing up for our mailing checklist at [https://SceneForge.app](https://sceneforge.app/)

We hope to have a 1. launch out there publically in the coming months, but if you work for a studio/institution that would advantage from SceneForge, get hold of us, and relying on your use scenario, probably we can perform a little something out early–we are on the lookout for responses from performing experts and VP admirers alike 😀

Thanks so substantially for any and all interest!

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