Oculus Rift HDMI and USB not recognized

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Vita asked 10 months ago

I have an Asus G10AJ, i7, 16gb ram, Nvidia 1070 ti (8gb) on windows 10, and all of a sudden my Oculus Rift HDMI and USB will not longer connect. The headset is less than a month old and just started doing this. It was working fine and then just stopped working after a restart.Both of my sensors are recognized instantly and have no issue. Just the headset.

I’ve tried the following:

Reinstalling Oculus Drivers and Software

Resetting Windows 10

Reinstalling Graphics Drivers

Every possible combination of USB ports

How do I fix this? So frustrating.

1 Answers
VR Games Staff answered 9 months ago

Make sure to check your Oculus Rift headset cable and that it is securely connected. I had this issue before and this is how I fixed it.
Hope that helps!

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