PS5 and the Next Xbox to Occupy Completely Different Spaces in the Video Game Industry Thanks to VR

Sony is running its mouth off about the next PlayStation 5 and Microsoft is relatively mum on what’s coming next for its Xbox line of consoles. But that hasn’t stopped analysts from already drawing the battlelines and ascribing strengths and weaknesses to platforms that don’t exist yet. Still, one thing does seem very, very clear from both Microsoft’s

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Sony Files Insane, Game-Changing VR Patent

All signs are pointing to Sony doubling down on its VR bet with the upcoming PlayStation 5. That said, patent filings have to be taken with a huge lump of salt. Usually they discuss things that are either years away or something that isn’t even viable for consumer application. But every once in a while we get something that comes across our desks

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Star Wars Comes to VR with Vader Immortal

A winning formula for VR? Combining hot, established series with virtual reality for new, novel experiences that couldn’t be had before. Think of it as a mixture of a video game and a movie. In other words, it could be the future of entertainment. At least that’s the hope behind Vader Immortal, the first VR-based project from Disney’s Star Wars

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