Apple Files Patent for AR and VR Headset

Could Apple be coming out with its own virtual reality or augmented reality headset? A new patent filing from the company seems to indicate just that and the implications could be huge for the segment. For AR, this isn’t Apple’s first foray into that segment as the technology is being employed by some of its phones in a limited way and being explored

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Top 5 Console and PC to VR Games

Making the transition from a console or PC title to the VR space is not easy - and it often doesn’t even work out at all. But that’s not every game and, probably more than any other port, these games can do a lot to get new gamers into virtual reality gaming. It’s simple math really: If you’re already a fan of Resident Evil, of course, you’re going to try

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The Predator Could Be Coming to VR Soon

There’s more speculation in this rumor than we’d normally like but the concept is so utterly cool that we can’t help but promote it. In addition to an upcoming PlayStation 4 game, The Predator is also coming to VR according to Exophase which discovered PlayStation trophies related to the game. That’s right - PlayStation trophies may have revealed one

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